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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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new viral videos today "right this minute". a crazy scene as a child flies out of a car. >> the child was ininjured. >> why the story gets crazier when you hear who was driving. a woman with terrible dental troubles dec help. >> as a mother, it's very hard for my children to ask me. >> the sweet story behind one amazing transformation. if this is your backyard in canada. >> you walk out -- >> a mama led her cubs to a new playground. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. the perfect cookie dough dip for party season.
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present. see who's about to unwrap her gift. >> hope she's surprised. >> oh, she'll be surprised. >> whoa! holy cow. >> is that a child? >> wow. >> so quickly. yes, that vehicle comes around this turn here. the door opens up, and you see a child falling out of the >> i think it's maybe a good thing the child fell out of the car before it hit that cement barrier and went over. >> what's happening? why was the door open, why did the child come out, and why did the van suddenly jerk over to the left? so strange. >> we don't know exactly what happened, but sounds like the child may have been driving the car. >> well, that explains a little bit of it now. >> we do know now, though, the child was uninjured.
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noticed, they stopped and protect the child, because now it is their lone, they assess the situation, realize what is happening. >> would have been bad if the kid was in the car. think about it, if the child had gone into the barrier and over, who knows what condition the child would be in. >> the video is also a bit shocking, but for very different reasons. >> oh! this is a splash out of the tanker, how'd that come out? >> i don't know if that's a truck. there's a button that squirts milk out. >> gets you angry. >> very tolerant. >> and everybody kept moving. we're good. >> didn't like to leave the house, she didn't like to pose for pictures with her kids, and it's going to be very obvious to you guys why.
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basically, i was born with too many teeth in my gums. from the moment i was born, my teeth were squashed in. >> chantel is recording a video that she sent to psi and gary, they are in the morning show on more fm in new zealand, and she reached out to them saying, you know what, i really want some help with my teeth. >> as a mother, it's very hd teeth are like this. it's hard for me i can't take photos with my children. >> to fix something like that, cosmetic dentistry costs a lot. >> when they revealed to her on the phone, you're looking at $22,000 in u.s. dollars in dental costs. at this point, she just is finally ready to do something. so this is her on the phone with cy and gary. >> you have something you'd like to say to chantel.
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chantel, it would be our absolute pleasure to help you get to the best possible state your teeth can get to at absolutely no cost to you. >> they connected with alpha dental and this company has a trust where they help three people a year get dramatic cosmetic dental work. >> if you don't have the muoney you're just trapped. >> sometimes you never know if the winners are chosen she's definitely somebody who would qualify for that type of prize. >> first presentation of something, your smile is so important. >> that was three months ago. this is her reaction after hours of work. >> she's got the shades on with the jackie o. look. >> smile. >> and she is absolutely ecstatic. >> flying still challenging more than 100 years after we figured
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parachutist on his way down, on his way to a football stadium in russia. lots of shouting going on from the people down on the ground as this parachutist descends in a controlled way, however, he's nowhere near the football stadium, as you'll soon see. >> oh! >> instead he lands in some high tension, high voltage power lines. the reports are maybe this guy was an inexperienced ju maybe he didn't understand how to deal with some of the wind conditions and found himself way off course and couldn't land himself safely and avoid these power lines. good news is, he was hung up there about 20 feet, lowered down safely, and the power lines did not short out in any way. could have been a lot worse than it wound up being. oli, what were you doing the last few days, where were you? >> at home. >> lies!
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a clandestine wind suit pilot. there you are in washington state. >> oli, i knew there was a kinky side to you. >> well, the better part of this video is a beautiful line down popsicle ridge in washington state. you can see it suffered a wildfire at some point, but that doesn't stop these guys from making a beautiful run down the gorgeous valley. >> yeah, i was really focused at this point. you can see how i was doing what needs to be done. i don't want to brag about it. >> according to the you're still standing up at the bridge. >> yeah, i knew that. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need monday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the
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you have a right to remain silent. you heard me right. in this video from russia you can see police arresting an agitator, a robot. >> seriously, they really are arresting it? >> well, the police were called because people were calling up saying there was a political thing going on, a lot of people being bothered by it. police showed up and found promo bot basically giving a political speech or political information at least to the people around >> genius, right? folks want to protest but don't want to get introue. they send a mouth piece. >> the promo bot is used for all kinds of things. here he's in a mall interacting with people and giving information, but apparently the politician hired it to go out and spout his message to people. >> i've waited years for robots
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>> in the end, though, police did arrest him. police also involved in this video from chile. you can see the riot police are on the scene. there's four of them, they have helmets and shields because they are going to face quite the foe. suddenly, yes, it's an old lady with a crutch. bam! >> get away! >> call the riot police. one woman. >> actually, she is a quite well known chilean activist and she's protesting road construction project through indigenous land. sound familiar with anybody? she delays the machinery for a number of days and you can see as they finally wrangle this terrorist -- >> that's actually so sad. >> i don't have any details as the charges pressed, i just know she was taken into custody but in itself it's almost as ridiculous as the robot video.
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>> first it's always the foundation and for town dags i'll be using peanut butter with olive oil so it's not as sticky. >> the trend causing a stir. >> really creative. i'm going to go ahead and pass. >> and time for a fresh new bikini ad, everybody. why life is better in a sunga. >> which i love and think they
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if you're searching
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by -- with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. time for a fresh new bikini ad, everybody. for the sunga life swim wear. our model here is kyle maynard. kyle made an appearance on our show years speaker and all-around awesome guy. he was born with congenital amputation and as you can tell it hasn't slowed him down at all. kyle is a wrestler, he's a record setting weight lifter, and he's climbed kilimanjkilima that's when we spoke to him on "right this minute." here he is now modelling for a swim wear company that's
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should make a comeback here in the u.s. >> well, that's the whole idea of what they are doing. they are bringing that look to the states. it's very easy to move around in, nothing gets caught up, you're streamlined in the water. >> you know what i like about sunga life? they not only went different, they went really different. people are saying we should increase diversity, b think anybody thought of kyle maynard. that's what's so cool about him, he can do anything. i want to get on my suit and do this, but he can. >> reflection time.
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>> this is a really neat video and it's one of the viral challenges where you only use food for makeup. >> we've seen her on the show before, she's famous for her makeup tutorials on youtube. let's start with the foundation. she uses peanut butter, olive oil, and flour for coverage. >> what's interesting to me, she applies it with a marshmallow, powders with corn straarch. >> to create brows she uses powdered coffee and activated charcoal. guess what she contoured with, cocoa. that gave her cheekbones. she says it may have been a little dark for her tone. >> what's the eye shadow? >> tumeric. for blush, that is a beet. now she's really beat to the
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which also can serve as a bronzer, is icing glitter. you're wondering how do women come up with these, well some tricks are what women use in prison. for lipstick, get a bag of skit ls, dip it in water and blob. the color gives you shiny bright. out of all of this, she said the one thing she would use every day is what she used for the eye liner, activated charcoal and coffee. she said she could utah that more often. if the final look. >> it is very creative and interesting. >> that creature is far from ordinary. >> that bear cub is one of the species they thought was extinct 30 years ago. >> now hear the story behind it. plus, don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. how strong is allegra-d?? my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d?. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. okay, we have a lot of cute bear cubs on the one is extra, extra special. it doesn't do any tricks. it doesn't eat somebody's picnic basket and shake their hands as they leave. that bear cub is one of a species that they thought was extinct 30 years ago. >> no way. >> this was spotted in a national park in russia a few months ago, but they just now posted the video so people could take a look at it. they thought the species was
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obvious not extinct and apparently getting busy, because that's a cub. >> that's amazing, and they discovered it because of this video chld some are saying it looks like a brown bear. similar, but not the same. >> i like the way they delayed the announcement to give the bear a chance to grow some more, because there's always somebody out there that's like, great, i want it. >> now, in metro vancouver be careful, because you might walk upon bear cubs having a play fight. they said this is how you handle it, you you back up slowly and let her play. don't get involved. >> enjoying yourselves, slide and a swing, whatever you want, there's food in the back, just don't bother us. >> mom is in the background, yeah, entertain yourself, i'm out. >> imagine just looking out the window and seeing a family of bears messing around. it would be amazing and scary, and amazing, but also scary. >> makes it difficult to
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>> cookie monsters around the world sit tight. >> jessica, are you eating that cookie dough again? >> no. >> she has something that's going to blow your taste buds away. >> i love cookie dough. i know it has raw eggs in it, but i found a dip we can have our cookie dough and eat it, too, because there's no eggs inside this one. >> it's called cookie dough dip. >> no way. >> first you have your add brown sugar and salt. >> i love this thing. like a chain saw. >> okay. >> from there we've got some powdered sugar and vanilla. >> this is a healthy cookie dough. >> it's not done yet. she still has to add the chocolate chips. just sit tight, nick. once all of that is done, she places it all in the bowl, adds
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>> and walks it into the studio. >> don't make him wait anymore. >> yes, she walks in the studio. >> yeah. vanilla wafers to dip. >> that's what we're dipping with. i don't know why we were under the impression we were crumbling them up and putting them in. i'm greedy. >> you like it and you don't even like cookie dough? >> dang, okay, so cookie dough. >> actually, there's no cookie dough in for you at all. >> that's why i don't like cookie dough. >> you can eat this, it's none of that in there. this tricks your taste buds. >> vanilla wafers. this makes it -- >> oh, yes! salty pretzel with the sweet dip. >> thank you. >> why can't we all just get along and have both?
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go to our website, rightthisminu, click on the tv show or go to our mobile app and figure out how to make it. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need to be 21 years of age, a legal u.s. or canadian resident, and you need the buzz word. >> get on over to and click win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both, and enter on each every day. enterprise. >> head over to, click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word, enterprise. >> later this week we'll have a bonus giveaway where we'll give one lucky winner a flat screen tv. so tune in, good luck. >> and live long and prosper.
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and i really got that sense of life. >> on a secret mission. >> okay. >> shh, don't tell anybody. >> mission over. took it out of the attic. >> yeah, i agree, nick, i think if she ever tries to do this again, she'll think twice. >> i think one hole would help her. >> a vent, something. >> air hole. >> dad to the rescue. dad cut her a little hole so she had some breathing room. >> her bedroom sucks. >> not a tiny new york apartment. as a matter of fact, she's been gone for about a year. if you notice the roof over her little box is wrapping paper and
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annoyed to happy and giddy. she's wrapped up as a present and somebody's about to come unwrap her. the somebody is her mother and she doesn't know it's her. fingers crossed. hope she cries. >> she'll be surprised. >> oh, my god! >> and her daughter's like -- this is great, though, because we have seen so many of these videos but never s the inside. you get that completely new view to see how long she's been sitting there, but the look on mom's face as she burst out, that's money. >> she is a picture of surprise right there. >> special day. >> dad is happy as a lark because he helped pull this off and it was worth every single moment in that box. >> oh, my god! thanks for watching, everyone, we'll see you next
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